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Ewa Pazera – filmmaker.

Ewa (pronounced Eva) was born in Warsaw, Poland. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland with a Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design, she went to Florida to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Film Production from Full Sail University. After moving to Los Angeles she has built a rich portfolio as both an artist and a film maker receiving awards for her work.

She is an extremely versatile independent director, writer, photographer, producer, designer and assistant director located in Los Angeles, California. Extraordinary spirit. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream.

Ewa co-wrote and co-directed a short film "Loves Me Not" for which she was awarded Best Director at 2011 FMPTA Crystal Reel Awards. It was featured at numerous festivals and won the American Society of Cinematographer's 2011 "William A. Fraker Student Heritage Award"- the undergraduate outstanding achievement award in cinematography.

She is currently looking to expand her career as a director and an assistant director and is working towards directing her first feature film. Ewa currently lives and works in freelance production in Los Angeles, California.

Please leave a message if you are interested in Ewa directing or producing your short film, commercial, music video, photo shoot or anything else.

What I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.

Screenplays, Stories, Script Analysis, Breakdowns, Treatments, Coverages • Lighting • Directing, Blocking • Set Design • Production Design • Art Direction • Wardrobe • 16mm & 35mm Film Production • Digital Cinematography • Camera Operator • Camera Assistant • Pre-Production & Casting • Post Production • Film History, Media & Society • Digital & Analog Photography, Dark Room • High Fashion Photography • Sound Recording, Mixing, Boom, Lavs • Documentary Filmmaking • Editing, Final Cut & Avid • Basic Visual Effects, Compositing, Rotoscoping, After Effects • Makeup for Film • Web, Social Media, WordPress • Production Management • Producing • Assistant Director • Scheduling • Headshots, Photo Retouching, Manipulation • Web Design, Layout • WordPress, Website Updates • Production Assistant, Coordinator • DIT • PC/Mac • Microsoft Office • Adobe Creative Suite • BTS, Videographer • Work Permit for USA and European Union • Valid Passport • Valid Driver's License and Insurance • Team Player • Independent Worker • Strong Problem Solving Skills • Headshots


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