Ewa Pazera » Impossibili Sonja Kinski

I had the great opportunity to be the photographer for this spread with Sonja Kinski (Daughter of Nastassja Kinski and granddaughter of Klaus Kinski of "Nosferatu)" as part of the "Impossibili" series about young and famous daughters for the Italian Style Magazine. The article was written and produced by an Italian journalist who lives in Los Angeles, Lulu Berton. Photographed with Canon 5D, camera assistant Ryan Sullivan. Stylist: Christopher Mannor, Hair & Make-up: Eric Barnard. The shoot took place at Sunset Marquis Hotel.

Style Magazine, the Corriere della Sera monthly, is the most innovative publication to hit the newsstands in recent years and stands apart from the rest of the men's monthly market. The themes and personalities dealt with are observed from the "Style" perspective: elegant, never bland, refined. Style speaks to men, anticipating their needs, stirring their desires, catering for their pleasures. A magazine rich in content that satisfies the curiosities of its readers thanks to the quality of the Corriere editorial team but also its ability to propose itself as a privileged lookout point from which to view the latest social and fashion trends. Circulation 450,000 copies:
– 420,000 copies circulated on day of issue with the Corriere
– 30,000 copies abroad


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